Cord blood banking is a process for expecting parents to protect their child from diseases that may occur in the future. Stored cord blood cells currently treat over eighty diseases. This number has more than doubled in the past seven years. With dozens of conditions in current and upcoming clinical trials for cord blood therapy, stored cord blood will become more valuable over time.

In this website, we are explaining what cord blood cells are, how the banking process works and why you should consider storing these valuable cells.

Cord blood bankings completely safe for your child.

Cord Blood Facts

Cord blood banking doesn’t put your child in any danger:

  • No cells are taken away from your baby
  • Your child won’t experience any pain
  • Cord blood is usually done in a different room
  • Your family will have a normal birth procedure

First and foremost, cord blood banking is completely safe for your child. In a normal birthing procedure, the umbilical cord is cut and clamped and then thrown away as medical waste. For families banking cord blood, the birthing process is identical; however, after being cut and clamped, the umbilical cord is taken to a different room and placed into a machine that removes the blood to be stored.